Earth Element Teas


“Based on traditional Chinese medical theory, two of our major organs, the lungs and large intestine belong to the Metal element. The energy of these two organs moves just like Metal. For example, Metal is clean and naturally removes impurities from the soil. The lungs and large intestine work in a similar way by taking clean air into the body, eliminating waste, and purifying the body.

The Earth element supports the Metal element, so Earth element teas are always important for giving energy to Metal element organs. Fermented Puer tea is the typical Earth element tea. Its method of processing makes it the type of tea with the most contact with Mother Earth, so it has a stronger Earth energy than any other type of tea.

In autumn, the weather is “Fall” and dryness, which is the season that can weaken our lungs and large intestine. Drinking some Earth element teas to keep the lungs and large intestine strong is very important.”

Excerpt From: Shana Zhang. “5 Elements Tea”

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