Bali Superfoods is honoured to be an Australian distributor for Wild Tea Qi and very excited to offer you these high-quality teas.

Wild Tea Qi tea is sourced from trees that range from several hundred to several thousand years old which grow high in the mountainous regions of the Yunnan Province in China, the birthplace of tea. Sustainably farmed in the most pristine and often wild environments they are farmed using biodiverse practices, hand harvested and hand processed.

This ensures these ancient tree teas are far superior in nutrients and flavour compared to mass produced teas and have unique, energetic qualities that are found only in wild grown ancient tea trees.

By purchasing these teas you will be supporting local tea farmers, as Wild Tea Qi only deal directly with these farmers to create a fair-trade tea line. You will also help to prevent further destruction of the environment by drinking these biodiversity teas instead of tea from mono-culture, mass produced tea farms.

If you are passionate about your health, a tea lover, environmentalist, or anyone who likes a cup of quality tea then this is the tea for you.