Five Element Tea Set

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The 5 Element Tea Set includes:

1. Fire Element Tea: Ancient Artisan Yunnan Black Tea

2. Earth Element Tea: Ancient Artisan Phoenix Fermented Looseleaf Puer Te

3. Water Element Tea: Ancient Artisan Moonlight White Tea

4. Wood Element Tea: Ancient Artisan Baked Heart Green Tea

5. Metal Element Tea: Wild Gynostemma

6. Tea Book: 5 Element Tea (Ebook Version)

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“The ancient Chinese book of medicine, HuangdiNeijing, translated into English as The Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Medicine is the most important ancient text on Chinese medicine, as well as a major treatise on Taoist theory and lifestyle. In this book, there is a very clear explanation of how important the Five Elements are in relationship to the prolongation of human life…

Following the rules of the Five Elements to keep our body in the healthy balance requires focusing on four major principles:

Knowing which organs relate to which of the Five Elements;

Knowing which seasons relate to which of the Five Elements;

Knowing which of our emotions relate to each of the Five Elements;

Knowing how to control the emotions using the Five Element theory is also important to keep our Qi (氣chi) in healthy balance…

After understanding how the Five Elements relate to the human body, and which teas correspond with each of the Five Elements, we can then accurately choose a tea to brew properly to keep our health well-balanced…”

– 5 Element Tea

5 Element Tea Set


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