Five Element Tea (Ebook Version)


It’s a great tea book explains how the practice of the correct way of tea can be a gateway to a deeper understanding and meaning of life and the book puts tea into a new light and perspective both for Westerners and Easterners.

Paperback version not available, only Ebook version for download. 

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“She delves into Taoist concepts and teas deep connections to it, shedding light on a much-forgotten past to us all.”

Shana is the most knowledgeable person I have ever met in the tea world. I have met and trained with the highest level tea masters, studied with the tea artisans and farmers and no one I have met has such a broad knowledge of tea like Shana. She is like a walking tea encyclopedia. I have watched her go into well-known tea plantations and pick apart their tea plucking methods to fine minute detail that even the farmers were astounded by her knowledge. Not only does she have the impeccable knowledge, but her tea making skills are bar none. The Rattan Qi Ancient Puer Tea she created still remains one of my favorite teas with its complex taste and aromas of the forest.

After her in-depth, groundbreaking book, The Wild Truth of Tea. I did not think she could come up with anything more, but boy was I wrong!

In her new book The 5 Elements of Tea, she goes into deep detail of the 5 Elements of tea like I have never seen before. She delves into Taoist concepts and teas deep connections to it, shedding light on a much-forgotten past to us all.

This book isn’t just theory! It has practical applications. For example, in Chapter 2 in her section on the element of water and it’s relationship to tea, she reveals the 5 types of water movement in nature, which are, long flowing water, torrential water, slow flowing water, swirling water, and the water from the sky. She gives step-by-step precise instructions along with high definition pictures of exactly how to use these methods in the tea ceremony for brewing and pouring tea. This gave me a whole new way to brew tea!

This is the book I have been looking for. This is a valuable edition and a must read for not just any tea fanatic but for those who want deeper knowledge of tea that you cannot find anywhere else, but to anyone who practices any of the Taoist arts like Qigong, meditation, and Chinese Medicine. I know you will love this book!

Founder Wild Tea Qi
Co-Founder International Tea Academy

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