Fire Element Teas


“Based on traditional Chinese medical theory, two of our major organs, the stomach and spleen, belong to the Earth element. The Earth element corresponds to the long summer season. During this season, our stomach and spleen need a lot of care, as the stomach and spleen are the major source of food and water for the other organs. 

The Fire element supports the Earth element, so Fire element teas are always good for giving energy to Earth element organs. Black tea is the typical Fire element tea. Traditionally, it has been used to improve stomach ailments. Black tea has known medicinal qualities that aid in weight loss, sharpen concentration, lower cholesterol, and relieve diarrhoea. In traditional Chinese medical theory, these diseases are all more or less related to the energy of Earth element organs being imbalanced.

In the Five Elements system, the Earth element is related to the long summer season. If we violate the Earth element’s rules of cultivation of health, the functioning of the stomach and spleen may be impaired. Drinking Fire element teas, like black tea, to support Earth element organs is important to keep our health in balance during the long summer season.”

Excerpt From: Shana Zhang. “5 Elements Tea”

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