Metal Element Teas

metal element tea


“Based on traditional Chinese medical theory, two of our major organs, the kidneys and bladder, belong to the Water element. Water moisturizes everything. The kidneys and bladder maintain the energy to moisturize the whole body, working exactly the same way as water. These two organs basically store plentiful Water energy to moisturize the body. We also need these two organs to help flush unnecessary water from our bodies.

The Metal element supports the Water element, so Metal element herbs are always good for giving energy to Water element organs. Wild Gynostemma is the typical Metal element herb. It was traditionally used to improve liver function, digestion, arthritis, and insomnia. Modern studies have proven its efficacy in weight management, reducing blood pressure, and type 2 diabetes. In traditional Chinese medical theory, these diseases are all more or less related to the energy of the kidneys being imbalanced.

In the Five Elements system, Water relates to winter. In traditional Chinese medical theory, winter is the season for storage. We need to save our Qi (energy), try to keep warm, and avoid sweating too much so as to prevent loss of Water. This is the Taoist principle for cultivating health in winter.

If we lose the Qi (energy) of the kidneys and reduce the energy available for the following season, the result could be dysfunction, weakness, and coldness of the limbs in spring due to insufficient supply of energy for growth.

So, to support sufficient energy and smooth functioning of our Water element organs in winter, taking Metal element herbs like Wild Schisandra is essential.”

Excerpt From: Shana Zhang. “5 Elements Tea”

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