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“Sometimes we’re absolutely sure about what we know and then just one event makes us realize that it’s all different. In this case, that’s a book, more specifically the book you’re about to read. I believe that it won’t take long before Shana will be recognized as one of the initiators of a movement which is about to become mainstream. In short: enough with the bullshit. In this book, Shana will explain how we came to be just consumers in a tea world where it is mainly about image, a simulation of tea, instead of real tea. This simulation has become so strong and accelerated by marketing campaigns, that real tea almost got lost. To understand where tea comes from, Shana takes you through the history of China and reveals its true purpose. While going with her on this journey, you’ll encounter the last original tea area. This hidden tea area symbolizes the tea world being in despair and the need to act. This book is your map.

The major trend these days is health, both physical and mental health. There are so many books, so much research, and so many suggestions available, that we often struggle what to believe. We get so insecure, that we buy more books, listen to more podcast, even join classes to let others tell us what to do. But, we have always known ourselves. In this book, you’ll find out the basics about how to follow your senses, follow the seasons and just understanding your own habitat. Realizing this will make us act, which will make a difference.

This book is not a sales book for tea, but will help you to make well-considered decisions. Moreover, there is no need to drink tea if you don’t like tea, just blend other natural ingredients. 

And the beauty of all this? Once you understand you shouldn’t play with nature, why you shouldn’t consume chemicals, both you and nature will benefit. 

Enjoy the journey!”

– Renco Verhoef, Master of Science in Sociology


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