Wood Element Teas


“Based on traditional Chinese medical theory, two of our major organs, the heart and small intestine, belong to the Fire element. The Fire element corresponds to the summer season. This season is the period of everything growing in prosperity. Even diseases can grow very strong in this period. For example, in summer, heat stroke and heart disease are very common problems.

The Wood element supports the Fire element, so Wood element teas are always good for giving energy to Fire element organs. Green tea and Raw Puer tea are the typical Wood element teas. They have traditionally been used to improve heart disease, lower blood pressure, and clear bad breath. These diseases are all related to the energy of Fire element organs being imbalanced.

In the Five Elements system, Fire is associated with summer. If we violate rules around Fire, we may impair the heart and small intestine. Taking Wood element teas like green tea or raw puer tea to support the Fire element is important for maintaining health in summer.”

Excerpt From: Shana Zhang. “5 Elements Tea”

If you want to dig deeper into other relationships between the 5 elements and how to choose different teas for different health benefits, please check out “5 Element Tea” and “The Wild Truth of Tea” books to find out more.